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  • Ann Yan

Get Bits and Bobs Clean with Surge Parts Cleaner

Many work and repair shops have a myriad of small pieces and parts which must be kept clean and in order, ready for use. Surge Industrial Parts Washer Ready to Use and Concentrate are designed for parts washing equipment, specifically Manual Parts Washers, Agitation Lift Parts Washers, and Ultrasonic Units. Neither is recommended for Automated Cleaning Parts Washers, Brake Washers, or High Pressure Spray Washers.

Bothe are mixed for use over extended time in the tank. Best performance at 120° F

The ready-to-use formula can be directly added to a parts washer, eliminating the need for dilution. pH is consistent and controlled to to deionized water. There is also no need to measure and it eliminates the mixing process from four to one steps. Reduces product waste, reduces disposal costs, and has a lower price than the concentrate.

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