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  • Ann Yan

It's Easy to Get Tough On Grease and Grime.

Grease and grime don’t stand a chance against Surge Industrial Extreme Gel hard surface cleaner. Mixed to have two times the cleaning power of the original formula, the environmentally friendly product is tough on dirt while gentle on the user. It cleans and degreases vertical surfaces with ease. The solution sticks on many types of surfaces such as walls, painted concrete blocks, and back-splashes. Localized cleaning. No evaporation. No runoff. No dripping. No mess. It’s just good stuff!

The biodegradable, non-flammable product is pH level 7.5, and is a Class 55 Non-Hazardous Product. All food products and packaging materials must be removed or protected prior to product use. Once area is cleaned rinse with potable water. NSF Certified as Category A1, safe in and around all food processing areas where it’s not intended for direct food contact. No scent added. Ready to use; just spray it on. Try some of this non-abrasive product. You will be glad you did.

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