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  • Ann Yan

Choosing the Right Surge Industrial Product for Floor Cleaning: Hard Surface or Floor Cleaner

A clean manufacturing plant and warehouse show a company’s dedication to safety and sound business practices. Cleaning supplies make a difference.

Over the last few years we have had success using our standard Surge Industrial Hard Surface Concentrate in walk-behind and riding floor scrubbers and washers. These environments had cutting fluids, lubricants and oils. Surge Industrial Hard Surface Concentrate was used from a 10:1 to 20:1 (water:Surge) in hard to clean areas and at 30:1 for standard cleaning in the aisles and shipping/receiving areas. After repeated cleanings we expect that dilution rates will increase further.

We encourage you to have your customers look at the total cost of their chemistry buy. If a chemical that is slightly more expensive works well at 30:1 and your customers' existing product is only diluted at 20:1 it is a win for your customers' bottom line.

If your factory uses a floor scrubber with an intense suction system or does not have oils and cutting fluids we designed a special floor cleaning solution, Surge Industrial Floor Cleaner Concentrate, that keeps the foam from building up in your recovery tank.

The chart below will help you choose which product best suites your customers' needs:

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