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  • Ann Yan

Ugh! That's Dirty! Get It Clean With Surge!

Cut through the toughest dirt, grease and grime with Surge industrial cleaning products. The water-based, pH neutral solutions are easier on end-users and the environment than traditional solvent-based cleaners, but perform equally well.

Explore the list of Surge products and see what meets your needs. Readily available in 32 ounce pray bottles on up to 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes, ready-to-use or concentrate form. Popular cleaners include disposable cleaning wipes, hard surface cleaner, parts-washer solution, HVAC mix, carpet and airline cleaner. View Surge products in action.

All Surge cleaners are manufactured by Premalux, a Woman-Owned Small Business located in Aurora, Ohio. The company makes and supplies high-performance aqueous (water-based) cleaning products, including Surge, to a growing list of automotive, industrial manufacturing, janitorial and environmental/energy markets. Premalux specializes in environmentally friendly products.

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