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Surge Industrial Multi-Purpose Towels are the quickest, easiest way to clean the toughest dirt, grease, and grime from hard surfaces. The towels are made of tough, woven cloth with an abrasive side for scrubbing. 


Surge Industrial Multi-Purpose Towels are NSF Certified as Category A1, safe in and around all food processing areas where it's not intended for direct food contact.


6 - 85 Towel Count Canisters per case


Product Data Sheet



SKU: SIHW 0085
    • NSF Certified, Category A1
    • Quick, easy & convenient form of cleaning
    • Neutral pH
    • Non-Smearing & Non-Transferring
    • Blue abrasive side has good scrubbing action
    • Safe on all hard surfaces: Metals, plastics, paint, laminates, and more (test on sample area first)
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